Full Bench Gaming springs on to the scene – By Ashley Kendall

Full Bench Gaming, an Australia based professional Pokemon Trading Card Game team, have been the talk of the town since their recent announcement of new signings of players to their roster, making them the only sponsored professional Pokemon TCG team active in Australia. But who are Full Bench Gaming? What is their story? And what plans do they have in the future? This article intends to find out and to introduce Full Bench Gaming into the forefront of the scene, cementing their position as top level competitors in the Trading Card Game.

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Writer of the Month: June

Over the month of June, 9 writers from across Oceania contributed to The Startling Megaphone. The result was a series of fantastic articles covering everything from the best picks for wanna be World Champions to recounting less than perfect tournament experiences.

Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to The Startling Megaphone. As a special thank you, we have decided to crown a writer of the month! So, who won?

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Deck building for newcomers – by Nick Bell

I regularly get asked by new starters about building decks and so decided to put together a resource that people could use to help someone just starting out, to build decks for themselves.

  1. Starter Decks

Pokemon sell starter decks and these are a good place to start for beginners. They are not fantastic but they often include some decent Pokemon and trainers for beginners. They are also usually designed to teach the mechanics of the game to beginners which is a plus. Get one and improve it.

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Top 5 decks for Worlds 2019 – By Oliver H

Here are five decks that I believe will be a strong play for the 2019 World Championships (please note that they are not in any particular order):


Reshizard is a deck that almost loses no cards at all. At the moment , the main Reshizard builds either use Green’s or Kiawe. The problem is that the Kiawe / turbo build will rotate. Reshizard doesn’t gain much, but it does keep cards like Welder, Dedenne GX, and Eevee & Snorlax GX. There won’t be many new decks to counter it, but the next one on my list might.

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Playing Malamar’s advocate – By Jeremy Evans

Hey everyone, my name is Jeremy Evans and I have been playing the Pokemon TCG for 5 (almost 6) years. I would just like to start this article off by saying that Ultra Necrozma GX with Malamar isn’t bad! I have been piloting the deck since the Oceania IC.

So, how does it work? And will it be good after rotation? I think so. Here is a little bit about why.

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Multi Switch for game: The importance of piloting many different decks – By Nicholas Apostolou

Hey everyone,

Talking to some friends about deck choice and looking at the local meta I noticed a lot of people like to stick with one comfort deck, so I thought I’d share my opinion on the topic. This is why I think it is important to practice with many different styles of decks, and why doing otherwise could be holding back your growth as a player.

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Let’s talk about PikaRom – By Callum W

Hey, I’m Callum and I’ve been playing the Pokémon TCG for about 2 and a half years in the Senior division. During this time, I’ve played many decks, including Night March, Trevenant and pretty much every Zoroark-GX variant to exist. Across these two years, my favourite deck has to be Pikachu and Zekrom Tag Team. In this article, I’ll be talking a bit about the deck going forward…

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List Heist: A guide to Netdecking – By Henry Brand

Netdecking is an often frowned upon practice. A small but vocal minority has always carried the opinion that anyone can copy a list and do well. We can all agree that this is nonsense. Whilst not as hard as building a list from scratch, netdecking and doing well requires time and research, and can be a trap for newer players. 

Here are the steps to netdecking well –

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How to make your rogue deck consistent – Jack Underwood

Howdy, my name is Jack Underwood. I’m from Sydney and I’ve been playing the Pokemon Trading Card game for 6 years now. Most people who know me, know that I love a good rogue deck. A rogue deck is usually a deck that isn’t the strongest in the meta and doesn’t follow the particular meta game, but has the potential to counter the best decks. As the cards may not be highly sought after, the deck often doesn’t cost a lot of money to build and people can grab the cards easily. Rogue decks definitely can win tournaments but they all need consistency, like when you’re having breakfast before a big tournament and you get a banana smoothie with some banana bread, SUPER CONSISTENT.

This article is basically a few ideas on what could spice up a rogue deck, help get it rolling and even late game keep ahead of the game… without breaking the bank.

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